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Japanese Religions & Anime Survey - Kitsula's Log
Just Your Average Friendly Neighborhood Kumiho...
Japanese Religions & Anime Survey
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erynn999 From: erynn999 Date: March 17th, 2009 10:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

part 1

1. What name do you prefer to be cited as? What is your current age? What is your gender identification?


2. Where do you presently live (City/town, State/Provence/other division (if applicable), Country)? Have you at any time lived in Japan? If you have lived in Japan at what ages and for how long?

Western Washington state, never lived in Japan

3. What do you consider your socioeconomic status to be? (Lower, Middle, or Upper) Working Class, (Lower, Middle, or Upper) Middle Class, or (Lower, Middle, or Upper) Upper Class?

working class

4. What is your highest level of education completed? (Ex. Junior High School, High School, Some College, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Post-Graduate Degree)

some college

5. What is your current occupation? (Ex. Student, Office Worker, Sales Clerk, et cetera)

Disabled veteran, writer, priestess

6. What political party do you support, if any? What label do you use to describe your political view point? (Ex. Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, et cetera)

Green, extremely liberal

7. How do you label your Primary Path/Tradition/Folkway/Religion/et cetera? If you have any additional affiliations, list these as well. (Ex. Roman Catholic, Pagan, Soto Zen Buddhist, Kemetic Orthodox, Mormon, Reform Jew, Follower of Mahikari, et cetera)

Primarily Celtic Reconstructionist Filidecht with influences including Siberian (Ulchi) shamanism, animism, Taoism, various Buddhist ideas, Ekklesia Antinoou (Greco-Roman-Egyptian syncretism), Afro-diasporic, Hinduism, and Shinto

8. What are your primary religious/spiritual practices, if any?

Widely varied including maintaining altars for many deities and spirits in my home, regular tending of a fire altar for Brigid, offerings to deities and spirits, daily purification and prayer practices, meditations, occasional incubatory trance practices, divination with ogam, tarot and other divinatory tools, attendance at local Shinto shrine, attending occasional Hindu pujas, feasting for holy days, wilderness retreats on camping trips.

9. In a short summery what are your views on God(s)/the divine/spirits? Ethics? Impurity/Pollution/Sin? and Death?

deity -- I am a polytheist and feel that the Gods/divine/spirits are many and fall into a continuum of ancestors, land spirits and deities with no real firm dividing lines between them. They exist as individuals, but an animal spirit might be an ancestor, a deity might be an ancestor, or an ancestor might at some point become a deity or a land spirit.

ethics -- I tend to follow ethical standards of the early Gaelic peoples in regards to maintaining myself and my relationships to the world and to others with honor. Practicing generosity, courage, wisdom, hospitality, eloquence and kindness are extremely important to me.

impurity/pollution/sin -- I tend to regard this as imbalance and lack of wisdom for the most part. In some cases one may attract or find oneself immersed in energies that are not harmonious or may be potentially harmful due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, through doing something stupid, or by ill intent from others (embodied or not). My purification practices including river misogi (there's no waterfall at the local shrine) and smoke smudging are intended to remove any unwanted influences from my person and environment.

death -- I tend to believe in reincarnation as a passing from form to form to gain experience and wisdom. I believe that we change through various forms not so much as the result of karma per se but because we might be interested in experiencing life as a tree or a cricket or a mountain or a star rather than a human next time around and don't tend to place any particular value judgment on the form one ends up in.

10. If were born into a different religious tradition than you currently practice, what was the religious tradition of your birth community? (Ex. Roman Catholic, Pagan, Soto Zen Buddhist, Kemetic Orthodox, Mormon, Reform Jew, Follower of Mahikari, et cetera)

My family has been primarily conservative Protestant (Southern Baptist and other sects) on my mother's side and Polish Catholic on my father's side.

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