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Japanese Religions & Anime Survey - Kitsula's Log
Just Your Average Friendly Neighborhood Kumiho...
Japanese Religions & Anime Survey
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hikaru_motenai From: hikaru_motenai Date: March 25th, 2009 05:06 am (UTC) (Link)

Part 1

1. What name do you prefer to be cited as? What is your current age? What is your gender identification?
Loop, mid 30, Male or so it was last time I checked.

2. Where do you presently live (City/town, State/Provence/other division (if applicable), Country)? Have you at any time lived in Japan? If you have lived in Japan at what ages and for how long?
Not something I want to post on LJ for City, but state is Tennessee, never been to Jp

3. What do you consider your socioeconomic status to be? (Lower, Middle, or Upper) Working Class, (Lower, Middle, or Upper) Middle Class, or (Lower, Middle, or Upper) Upper Class?
Working Glass

4. What is your highest level of education completed? (Ex. Junior High School, High School, Some College, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Post-Graduate Degree)
I learned me a highschool book

5. What is your current occupation? (Ex. Student, Office Worker, Sales Clerk, et cetera)

6. What political party do you support, if any? What label do you use to describe your political view point? (Ex. Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, et cetera)
None I am middle of the road swing whereever whimsy throws me.

7. How do you label your Primary Path/Tradition/Folkway/Religion/et cetera? If you have any additional affiliations, list these as well. (Ex. Roman Catholic, Pagan, Soto Zen Buddhist, Kemetic Orthodox, Mormon, Reform Jew, Follower of Mahikari, et cetera)
too hard to actually label, but the basest part is Judeo Christian,

8. What are your primary religious/spiritual practices, if any?
I try not to blaspheme and swear, particularly on sunday but I fail.

9. In a short summery what are your views on God(s)/the divine/spirits? Ethics? Impurity/Pollution/Sin? and Death?
hard to sumarize I believe in God and Jesus but not the Trinity as it turns monotheism into polytheism and that is bad.
Sin, most folks roll about in it like a pig is poo, and they like it but dont expect any retribution because they are self centered.

10. If were born into a different religious tradition than you currently practice, what was the religious tradition of your birth community? (Ex. Roman Catholic, Pagan, Soto Zen Buddhist, Kemetic Orthodox, Mormon, Reform Jew, Follower of Mahikari, et cetera)

Born into southern baptist but I shun denominations as they violate the very tennents of Christianity,

hikaru_motenai From: hikaru_motenai Date: March 25th, 2009 05:06 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Part 2

11. What was your first exposure to Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture?
furthest back that I can recall was the sporatic Speed Racer in the 70's and Tranzor Z, Robotech and a few scattered anime in the 80's

12. How many hours do you estimate that you are exposed to Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture in a given day? A given week?
a few years ago, quite a bit, lately I just dont have the time to watch any and I havnt found any torrents I am interested in.

13. Do you consider yourself to be part of the Anime/Manga fandom? If so, would you consider yourself a casual fan or an 'Otaku' - a serious fan?
Yes, it would be obvious from my collection, I was Otaku but I have recovered, simple 12 step program but I could relapse at any time.

14. Do you interact or participate in any Anime/Manga fandom groups ether online or in your everyday life? If so describe your level of participation and activities.

Not really most of the groups follow the current anime du jour, it was DBZ which is garbage, then it was Inuyasha, which was OK then it was Naruto which makes you dumb just by being exposed to the disc, and now it is Clorox or something that is probably just as stupid.

15. Do you attend any conventions relating to Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture? If so how many per year?

No, like I said they are usually 75% or more the nert nerts I cited in querry 15, and to tell the truth most conventions have begun to annoy me as of late, particularly Trek and Warsies cons,

16. What do you consider to be your top three favorite Anime and/or Manga series/titles - If any?

I cannot really assign a top 3 of all time, but currently I am really fond of Hidamari Sketch, in the past I loved El Hazard tho, and Fushigii Yuugi

17. On a scale of 0-10 (10 being the greatest amount of influence), how much influence do you believe that Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture have had on your personal Religious/Spiritual beliefs and/or practices? If Anime, Manga, and Japanese Pop Culture have influenced you - How exactly has it influenced you?


18. What was your first exposure to Japanese Religious Traditions?
no Idea Buddism always had a following locally and being an AD&D geek from way back I encountered it more ofter than the average bear, but
when I started researching the Shinto faith after I saw Tenchi Muyo was my real official curiousity with it.

19. If you currently practice a religion with Japanese origins (including sects of Buddhism and other religions originating in Japan) and were not born into the tradition, do you feel that exposure to Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture contributed to your decision to follow this path?

not really, but technically Buddism isnt a faith so much as it is a philosophy I think it is neat and could be nicely fitted into an existing christian belief.

20. Do you have any personal religious/spiritual practices (outside of those that are formally part of your primary religious tradition) that have originated in Japan or are derived from Japanese practices such as Reiki Healing, Zazen, using Omamori, Performing Misogi under a waterfall, honoring/venerating/worshiping a Japanese Kami and/or Bodhisattva, et cetera? If so, list and describe these practices.

Not really I like albino varmits but that ismore cause they are white with pink eyes and not because of a shinto belief,

21. Do your personal religious/spiritual practices include any practices derived from Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture or involving an characters or mythos derived from Anime, Manga, and/or Japanese Pop Culture? If so describe these practices.

the closest thing to a practice I have developed is the unnatural compelsion to clap along with the theme to Hidamari Sketch,
ns_kumiho From: ns_kumiho Date: March 28th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Part 2

Thanks Loop!
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